PokerCharts was created by a group of poker enthusiasts in New York City. We had originally been using home-grown spreadsheet templates to track our performance in ring games and online, but this all changed when one of our hard drives failed and took down months of poker records along with it.

The spreadsheet was only a tracking mechanism anyway - it never revealed any insights. So we brainstormed and developed a web-based, database-driven application that we could use every day. Since we often play with each other, we made absolutely sure the data was segmented and hidden from other users in the database. Slowly but surely we added the graphs and opponent tracking features that have made the application the user-friendly statistical diary it is today.

PokerCharts is constantly improving as we incorporate user feedback and think of new ways to gain an edge in poker through record keeping and statistical analysis. Please do not hesitate to send us your candid feedback via our support link. As poker players ourselves we want the application to be the very best!


The PokerCharts Team

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